Canada’s Leaders Welcome Historic Investment in Early Learning and Childcare

BY The Prosperity Project |
Apr 20, 2021 |

$30 billion commitment is much-needed investment in economy, women and younger Canadians who are the future of the country

TORONTO, April 20, 2021 – The Prosperity Project commends the federal government for the long-awaited funding announcement to support the creation of a sustainable national childcare program and the investment in our youngest Canadians.

Despite the vast amount of work required to see the promise of a new childcare plan reach fruition, The Prosperity Project welcomes the new investment in early learning and childcare. This long-term commitment to improving working parents’ ability, mothers in particular, to participate in the workforce will help ensure women remain on the path to prosperity.

“After 50 years of political and social debate, we have arrived at this historic and potentially transformative moment for parents in Canada. If we can overcome traditional federal/provincial stumbling blocks to shape the best possible care for our children – our future – and to aim for equal participation in the labour force in order to build prosperity for all, we will all have won,” says Penny Collenette, adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa and co-chair of The Prosperity Project Childcare and Early Childhood Education Advisory Group.

“This $30 billion, multi-year commitment means working parents will be supported to fully participate in Canada’s economic recovery,” says Kathleen Taylor, Chair of the Board of the Royal Bank of Canada and co-chair of The Prosperity Project Childcare and Early Childhood Education Advisory Group. “The long-term benefits of national early learning and childcare infrastructure for families and children will be very significant.”

The Prosperity Project is looking forward to the collaboration between the federal government and provincial, territorial and Indigenous partners on implementing an early learning and childcare system that is so crucial to Canadian women and Canada’s economy.

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