The Matching Initiative: Logis Rose Virginie

BY The Prosperity Project |
May 16, 2023 |

“We don’t always realize that we have neighbours who need help. Thanks to The Prosperity Project, I met with this neighbour who needed help and it’s been very rewarding for me to be able to help them out.” -Anne, Matching Initiative Volunteer.

Two women bending over to plant flowers

When Neila Ayed took on the role of Executive Director of Logis Rose Virginie, she was determined to ensure that the organization would be able to help as many women as possible. Logis Rose Virginie’s main objective is to support homeless women in the Montreal area by providing them subsidized accommodations and professional guidance. Its programs are also designed to empower its female clients. Acknowledging the complexities of homelessness, Logis Rose Virginie’s approach is to ensure that women feel accepted rather than excluded and champions a solid foundation to promote growth and a sense of belonging. The organization helps Canadian women to obtain their high school diploma, improve their mental and physical health and regain their autonomy and independence.

Neila felt it was important to create better awareness for Logis Rose Virginie in the community, but with a very small team, knowing even where to start was overwhelming. With hopes of finding a suitable partner who could help her develop a robust and effective strategic plan, she joined The Prosperity Project’s Matching Initiative.

A group of women holding a yoga pose on mats in a park

Interestingly, at a time when Neila was busy planning the future of Logis Rose Virginie; Anne – an organizational strategy expert who had heard about the Matching Initiative – was looking for a way to help an organization in need. “Volunteering is part of my life and my values,” she said. “It’s important for me to give back to the community that has given me so much. I’m a firm believer that helping is always an opportunity to learn something new.” Anne’s employer, TACT, was only too pleased to support her initiative and readily encouraged her to volunteer her time and expertise.

Coincidentally, Anne lived in the same neighbourhood as Logis Rose Virginie. Her proximity meant she could visit the establishment, meet with Neila and the team in person and see firsthand the impact of the organization.

Anne quickly realized that Logis Rose Virginie’s strategic partners wanted to know more about the organization. Neila, Anne, and the team began by examining how the community viewed Logis Rose Virginie.

This new approach then allowed them to develop and implement a much more strategic action plan. “Some goals will take more time, experience and expertise from our members, but needless to say, our volunteer Anne most definitely helped us to optimize our strategic plan.”

As a result of this realignment process, the organization now has a defined mission, vision and goals and is thus better equipped to serve the community and women in need. Anne’s expertise and contribution also enabled Logis Rose Virginie to identify and pursue new partnerships.

While the match has now ended, it’s safe to say that the partnership will endure. Anne is delighted that she has had the chance to become a strong contributor in her community while Neila is thrilled with the new direction that will help her organization blossom. As Logis Rose Virginie continues to grow and expand its ability to empower women in Montreal, TPP celebrates the tremendous impact of bringing together two women to better serve their community.